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we consciously choose

. . . organic especially for fresh produce that is known to otherwise have lots of pesticide residue, ensuring that any produce on the Environmental Working Group (EWG)’s Dirty Dozen list is organic at The Bowllery.

We source sustainably wild-caught pink salmon from southeastern region of Alaska; cage-free, antibiotic-free and hormone-free chicken, turkey and eggs; organic milk and grass-fed cheese from local artisan cheesemakers; fair-trade and organically grown tea, coffee, and cacao.

In particular, we’re thankful to our local farmers who always go above and beyond to make sure we receive the best, freshest produce possible.

We care tremendously about the food we serve. Every dish is made to order; every bowl is handcrafted from scratch, by mixing and blending, harmonizing and amalgamating the many herbs, spices and other culinary ingredients celebrated in different regions of the world.



… and art

tAd is our in-house gallery showcasing the works by artists from all over the world. This small, not-for-profit art space is independently run by artists. The sole purpose is to promote contemporary art as a cultural practice. Check out the gallery’s website at www.tadgallery.org.

we cater

The bowllery is pleased to offer catering solutions for any particular event. We hope to bring the bowllery experience to your home, place of business, university campus or special venue, with a commitment to serving the Denton community.

we’re part of denton


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